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Not all accidents need to be reported, a RIDDOR report is required only when: the accident is. □ work-related; and it results in an injury of a type which is. □ reportable (as listed under 'Types of .... If you are an employer who has to keep an accident book, the record you make in this will be enough. You must produce
It is available from Health and Safety Executive Books and can be ordered online: → Order HSE's Accident Book BI510 (external site). It is also good practice to record 'near-miss' incidents. RIDDOR also requires responsible persons to report certain matters to their enforcing authority. Follow the links below for further
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Under health and safety law, you must report and keep records of certain injuries, accidents and cases of work-related diseases. This must include the date, time ... be beneficial to do so. The Accident Book complies with the Data Protection Act, helping to ensure that accident recording is complying with data protection law.
At Safety First Aid we offer accident books in both A4 and A5 formats. As well as the report forms each accident book contains guidance notes on how to use the accident book as well as which accidents need to be reported to the HSE under the RIDDOR regulations as well as the accident report form. In addition we also
An accident book report should be filled out at the time of an incident, or as soon as possible afterwards. The injured party, if able to, should be shown what is written to confirm it is correct. Records must then be kept for three years, so even if a claim is not pursued immediately, this evidence can still be accessed.
Employers and employees can use this book to record details of work-related injuries for which state benefits could be payable. The Accident Book is a valuable document that organisations can use to record accident information. It can be used to record details of injuries from accidents at work that employers must report
All workplaces or public premises, the employer or occupier of the premises has a duty to log the incedent in the accident book or record it. All work places are expected to have an accident book, which is usually kept in the Human Resources office or in the Department Head's office. This book is used to keep a written
They must also report certain accidents and incidents, pay you sick pay and give you time off because of an accident at work should you need it. ... Recording accidents. Any injury at work - including minor injuries - should be recorded in your employer's 'accident book'. All employers (except for very small companies) must

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