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Many requests for information are coordinated between patient accounting and HIM. One position ... STAFFING ISSUES The assignment of diagnoses for inpatient accounts and identifying outlier cases is software driven, but accurate and complete information must be provided to ensure the proper DRG assignment.
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Incorrect DRG assignment leads to a failure in the billing process. After the patient is discharged, the DRG grouping system ... Hospital districts or individual hospitals are therefore allowed to choose their own level of cost accounting and the cost-accounting system used. For DRG purposes, however, a particular standard is
Hospital overhead allocated includes hospital and departmental overhead that is not directly assigned to the patient or DRG. In a conventional cost accounting system, overhead is allocated on a patient-day basis, as follows: Hospital overhead allocated/patient-day = Hospital overhead costs/Number of patient days
Patient Accounts and. Data Flow in the Hospital. The purpose of this chapter is to provide a basic under- standing of the patient care process and how data flow within a hospital from the time a patient is ... Room/Bed Assignment. Admission Summary (Face ... DRG-—Diagnosis Related Group. EMC-—Electronic medical
Cost-accounting systems could enable hospital managers to collect, summarize, analyse and control the most ... ing cost-accounting system (Feyrer et al., 2005); that is, effective and fair DRG- based hospital payment ... ments may be assigned to medical departments by means of various allocation bases, such as the

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